My Side piece Lyric By Pokey Bear

My Side piece


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I left home (yeah e yeah) to be with my~~ side piece
I left home baby (yeah e yeah) to be with my side~~piece

yeah e yeah) to be with my side…piece  baby.



Verse 1
I guess I got it from my daddy cause it’s all in my genes
See I’m addicted to poonani  and you know what I mean
They say a rat with a water hole is a po rat (a po rat)
But I am not Willy lump, lump, I ain’t going out like that.
Now if you see my baby & she’s looking for me
Tell her I’ll be home shortly but I ain’t coming home till 3
Even though I’m wrong (wrong wrong) she know I’m coming home
So as I hit the door baby she say big daddy’s home


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Hell 2 Da Naw Naw Lyric By Bishop Bullwinkle

Hell 2 Da Naw Naw


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Verse 1
My name Bishop Bullwinkle
From the First Church of Nothing but the Truth
Deacon Kyle, Deacon George, Deacon Clay
Holding the door, let them in, turn them low
First I want to thank god
For the blood running warm in my veins (That’s alright)
Thank god for my life, health and strength
I got a sound mind, I’m not insane (Come on, come on)
I ain’t gonna preach too long
Ain’t gonna take this service too far
My sermon in the morning
Hell to the naw naw naw (Come on, come on, come on)

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