My Side piece Lyric By Pokey Bear

My Side piece


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I left home (yeah e yeah) to be with my~~ side piece
I left home baby (yeah e yeah) to be with my side~~piece

yeah e yeah) to be with my side…piece  baby.



Verse 1
I guess I got it from my daddy cause it’s all in my genes
See I’m addicted to poonani  and you know what I mean
They say a rat with a water hole is a po rat (a po rat)
But I am not Willy lump, lump, I ain’t going out like that.
Now if you see my baby & she’s looking for me
Tell her I’ll be home shortly but I ain’t coming home till 3
Even though I’m wrong (wrong wrong) she know I’m coming home
So as I hit the door baby she say big daddy’s home


Verse 2
See this is the definition of a real man
See when I’m with my side..piece she understand
All about my situations  all about my obligations
And when we on vacation (oh we) we in an unknown destination
You might find me in Morocco or down in Japan

See you can tell my baby what you wanna tell (tell her)
You can say what you wanna say she ain’t going nowhere
I got a lot of women (lot of women) and they down with me (down with me)


My Side Piece
My Side Piece

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